Tyre Sales & Fitting

When you need new tyres, think Doc's Auto Clinic. At our fully equipped mechanic's workshop we supply and fit new tyres at competitive prices. From mid-range to top of the range tyres, we know what works and what suits your vehicle's requirements. We specialise in 4WD tyres and wheel services and can source all brands of tyres.

We also offer wheel alignments and wheel balancing services to help with the longevity of your newly fitted tyres. Improper wheel alignment contributes to early tread wear and tear and can account for increased fuel consumption. By making sure your vehicle's wheel alignment is in accordance to the manufacturer specific requirements, you can reduce the likelihood of premature tyre wear.

Keep your vehicle safe on the road with a good pair of tyres. Worn treads and bald tyres are a danger to you and other drivers on the road, so it is vital you have them replaced before they wear down.

Signs your tyres need replacing:

  • Poor vehicle performance
  • Visual tyre damage such as bulging
  • Worn treads
  • Loss of grip on the road
  • Slow response on braking

At Doc's Auto Clinic we are mechanics that fit tyres, not tyre fitters trying to be mechanics.